Basic Automobile Engineering Quiz | Practice Test #mcq.CETJOB - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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Multiple Choice Questions on Automobile | Objective Questions | Automobile Engineering Quiz | MCQ

1 >>The compression ratio of a petrol engine is near?
  • (A) 04:01
  • (B) 08:01
  • (C) 15:01
  • (D) 20:01
2 >>The rigid suspension is beneficial when?
  • (A) it is desired to reduce the unsprung mass
  • (B) it is desired to have more flexibility in design
  • (C) it is desired to improve tyre-to-ground contact characteristics
  • (D) large changes in load make it necessary to have a large suspension stroke
3 >>The tyre rotation is generally done at ?
  • (A) 1000 km
  • (B) 4000 km
  • (C) 6000 km
  • (D) 10000 km
4 >>The function of a proportioning control valve (PCV) in a brake system is to ?
  • (A) ensure that equal pressure is supplied to the front and rear brakes throughout every braking operation
  • (B) reduce the brake fluid pressure when the brakes approach their lockup point
  • (C) cause less brake fluid pressure to act on the front brakes than on the rear brakes when the fluid pressure exceeds a predetermined level
  • (D) cause less brake fluid pressure to act on the rear brakes than on the front brakes when the fluid pressure exceeds a predetermined level.

5 >>An under-inflated tyre will wear the tread most ?
  • (A) near the centre
  • (B) near the edges
  • (C) in the lateral direction
  • (D) in the cross direction
6 >>The auto ignition in a spark ignition engine means ?
  • (A) automatic ignition of the charge at the end of compression
  • (B) ignition induced by the passage of a spark
  • (C) ignition of the charge before the passage of flame front
  • (D) ignition induced to supplement the process of normal combustion
7 >>Two general types of tyres are ?
  • (A) tube type and tubeless
  • (B) solid and tubeless
  • (C) air and pneumatic
  • (D) split-rim and drop centre
8 >>The discharged lead-acid battery has on its plates ?
  • (A) lead peroxide (PbO2)
  • (B) spongy lead (Pb)
  • (C) lead sulphate (PbSO4)
  • (D) sulphuric acid (H2SO4)
9 >>During suction stroke, the inside pressure of cylinder is ?
  • (A) more than the atmospheric pressure
  • (B) less than the atmospheric pressure
  • (C) equal to the atmospheric pressure
  • (D) none of these

10 >>The function of an oil control orifice is that it ?
  • (A) returns cylinder head lubricating oil to the oil pan at high speed
  • (B) turns oil into fine mist for spray lubrication
  • (C) regulates the pressure of engine oil supplied by the oil pump for the lubrication of cylinder head mechanism and other purposes
  • (D) removes impurities from cylinder head lubricating oil
11 >>The advantage of having a tandem master cylinder arrangement in automobiles is that it ?
  • (A) enhances safety by serving two independent lines in a divided-line brake circuit
  • (B) enhances safety by activating the brakes using vacuum pressure in the event of brake fluid loss
  • (C) supplies equal fluid pressure to each line of a divided-line brake circuit, thereby preventing the brakes from dragging on one side
  • (D) boosts the brake fluid pressure to reduce the force required to depress the brake pedal

12 >>In petrol engines, during suction stroke, ----- is drawn in the cylinder ?
  • (A) air and fuel
  • (B) only fuel
  • (C) only air
  • (D) none of these
13 >>The included angle is the sum of the ?
  • (A) camber and castor
  • (B) castor and S.A.I
  • (C) camber and S.A.I.
  • (D) camber and toe-in
14 >>Which of the following parameter can be adjusted by modifying the tie-rod attachment length? ?
  • (A) Camber
  • (B) Caster
  • (C) Toe
  • (D) Steering gear ratio
15 >>The main feature of MacPherson strut suspension is that ?
  • (A) the vertical size of the suspension can be made more compact
  • (B) non-vertical external forces are supported by the suspension arms
  • (C) the unsprung mass in lighter
  • (D) the assembly is slightly more complicated in design
16 >>The lubrication oil flow in an engine is in the order as ?
  • (A) oil strainer - oil pump - relief valve - oil filter - cylinder block - cylinder head - oil pan
  • (B) oil pump - oil strainer - relief valve - oil filter - cylinder block - cylinder head - oil pan
  • (C) oil strainer - oil filter - relief valve - oil pump - cylinder block - cylinder head - oil pan
  • (D) oil strainer - oil pump - relief valve - oil filter - cylinder head - cylinder block - oil pan
17 >>A three way catalytic converter ?
  • (A) recirculates exhaust gasses
  • (B) burns fuel vapaour gasses
  • (C) reduces N2, H2O, and CO2 emission levels
  • (D) removes CO, HC, and NO2 from the exhaust gasses passing through it
18 >>The fuel pump in the programmed fuel injection (PFI) system is located ?
  • (A) between the fuel-filler pipe and fuel tank
  • (B) in the fuel tank
  • (C) on the distributor mounting in the engine compartment
  • (D) on the engine compartment bulkhead
19 >>The camshaft of a four stroke Diesel engine running at 1000 rpm will run at ?
  • (A) 500 rpm
  • (B) 1000 rpm
  • (C) 2000 rpm
  • (D) 4000 rpm
20 >>The main merit of a multi-cylinder type cylinder sleeve is ?
  • (A) smaller engine dimensions
  • (B) better cooling efficiency
  • (C) high rigidity
  • (D) none of these