03 Basic Maths Quiz - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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1 >>Q41. What is the world's highest honour for maths, which is described as Nobel Prize for maths, conferred every 4 year by the international congress of mathematicians? ?
  • (A) A. Mark's Medal
  • (B) B. Field's Medal
  • (C) C. IQ Medal
  • (D) D. Genius Medal
2 >>Q42. A comic section formed bythe intersection of a plane with a cone is called - ?
  • (A) A. Ellipse
  • (B) B. Circle
  • (C) C. Parabola
  • (D) D. Helix
3 >>Q43.What is a pictorial representation of a continuous frequency distribution called? ?
  • (A) A. Pictogram
  • (B) B. Histogram
  • (C) C. Octogram
  • (D) D. Pentagram
4 >>Q44. Which was the first calculating device among these? ?
  • (A) A. Napier's bones
  • (B) B. Pascal's Arithmetic machine
  • (C) C. Abacus
  • (D) D. Leibnitz's calculator
5 >>Q45. What is a plane figure with four sides, two of which are parallel? ?
  • (A) A. Rhomboid
  • (B) B. Rectangle
  • (C) C. Trapezium
  • (D) D. Tangent

6 >>Q46. How is an elliptical spheroid (oval) called? ?
  • (A) A. Ellipse
  • (B) B. Ellipsoid
  • (C) C. Elliptic
  • (D) D. All of these
7 >>Q47. What is formed when a sphere is bisected half by a plane that passes through the centre of the sphere? ?
  • (A) A. Hexosphere
  • (B) B. Hemisphere
  • (C) C. Heliosphere
  • (D) D. Heterosphere
8 >>Q48. What is the name given to the number that consists of 1 followed by Googol of zero (1010)^100 ? ?
  • (A) A. Googopix
  • (B) B. Googomax
  • (C) C. Googolplex
  • (D) D. GooglopIex
9 >>Q49. Which digit is not a factor of 54? ?
  • (A) A. 2
  • (B) B. 4
  • (C) C. 6
  • (D) D. 9
10 >>Q50. Name the meeting point of all lines at one place? ?
  • (A) A. Current
  • (B) B. Concurrent
  • (C) C. Congruent
  • (D) D. Confront
11 >>Q51. A digit or number that divide exactly another number or expression is called its- ?
  • (A) A. Factor
  • (B) B. Procter
  • (C) C. Nectar
  • (D) D. Vector

12 >>Q52. What is the term used to describe a series of logical findings that lead to a conclusion called? ?
  • (A) A. Evidence
  • (B) B. Proof
  • (C) C. Equation
  • (D) D. Validity
13 >>Q53. What is a branch of geometry concerned with the general properties of shapes&space called? ?
  • (A) A. Topography
  • (B) B. Topology
  • (C) C. Tautology
  • (D) D. Tomology
14 >>Q54. What is a branch of maths in which symbols, usually letters of the alphabet, are used to represent unknown numbers? ?
  • (A) A. Algol
  • (B) B. Algebra
  • (C) C. Algesia
  • (D) D. Algology
15 >>Q55. What is a triangle with two sides of same length & two angles of equal size called as? ?
  • (A) A. Scalene angle
  • (B) B. Equilateral angle
  • (C) C. Isosceles angle
  • (D) D. Bilateral angle
16 >>Q56. What is the part of a circle formed between two radii &the circumference known as? ?
  • (A) A. Vector
  • (B) B. Sector
  • (C) C. Rector
  • (D) D. Hector
17 >>Q57. What is a flat surface, either real or imaginary, in 3 dimensional space called? ?
  • (A) A. Plot
  • (B) B. Plane
  • (C) C. Pole
  • (D) D. Prism
18 >>Q58. What is the region between two concentric circles known as? ?
  • (A) A. Fabulous
  • (B) B. Annulus
  • (C) C. Cumulus
  • (D) D. Bacillus
19 >>Q59. What is the term used for the inverse of the sine function? ?
  • (A) A. Opp-sine
  • (B) B. Rev-sine
  • (C) C. Arc-sine
  • (D) D. Post-sine

20 >>Q60. What is the geometric centre of a surface or body called as? ?
  • (A) A. Median
  • (B) B. Midpoint
  • (C) C. Centroid
  • (D) D. Nucloid