05 Botany Quiz | Botany GK MCQ - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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1 >>Q21. Mycoses are diseases caused by ?
  • (A) A. Mycobacteria
  • (B) B. Fungi
  • (C) C. Algae
  • (D) D. Cyanobacteria
2 >>Q22. Which one of the following is NOT a correct pair in relation to function? ?
  • (A) A.Golgi complex -breakdopwn of complex molecules
  • (B) B.Mitochondria-Production of energy
  • (C) C.Chromosomes-Vehicles of heredity
  • (D) D.Chlorplast-Hill reaction
3 >>Q23. The parasitic algae is ?
  • (A) A. Cephaleuros
  • (B) B. Chlorella
  • (C) C. Spirogyra
  • (D) D. Chara
4 >>Q24. Vessels means ?
  • (A) A. Cell wall
  • (B) B. Cellulose
  • (C) C. Closed wall
  • (D) D. Opened wall

5 >>Q25. The fruiting body namely, Cleistothecium is formed in ?
  • (A) A. Peziza
  • (B) B. Agaricus
  • (C) C. Puccinia
  • (D) D. Aspergillus
6 >>Q26. If the genetic name of the fossil plant ends with dendron or xylon it denotes ?
  • (A) A. the leaf of the fossil
  • (B) B. the stem of the fossil
  • (C) C. the rotten residues of the fossil
  • (D) D. the reproductive part of a fossil
7 >>Q27. Sewage treatment is carried out with the help of ?
  • (A) A. Chlorella
  • (B) B. Bacteria
  • (C) C. Yeast
  • (D) D. Blue green algae
8 >>Q28. Ikebana pertains to ?
  • (A) A. Leaf arrangements
  • (B) B. Floral arrangements
  • (C) C. Plant arrangements
  • (D) D. None of these
9 >>Q29. The first to isolate a plant virus is ?
  • (A) A. W. M. Stanley
  • (B) B. K. M. Smith
  • (C) C. E. C. Stockmann
  • (D) D. Iwanosky
10 >>Q30. Oxygen in the universe is replinished by ?
  • (A) A. higher plant photosynthesis
  • (B) B. bacterial photosynthesis
  • (C) C. photolysis of water
  • (D) D. chemosynthesis
11 >>Q31. In plants, the radial transport of food, water and mineral salts is performed by ?
  • (A) A. medullary rays
  • (B) B. vascular cambiums
  • (C) C. pith
  • (D) D. secondary phloem
12 >>Q32. Grafting cannot be practised in mono-cotyledonous plants because they ?
  • (A) A. have very thin tissue
  • (B) B. vascular combiums
  • (C) C. have many vascular bundles
  • (D) D. have endarch xylem

13 >>Q33. Mycology is the study of ?
  • (A) A. Algae
  • (B) B. Fungi
  • (C) C. Bryophytes
  • (D) D. Bacteria
14 >>Q34. The group of plants containing algal and fungal partners association is called ?
  • (A) A. Thallophytes
  • (B) B. Bryophytes
  • (C) C. Pteridophytes
  • (D) D. Lichens
15 >>Q35. The largest cell found in plant kingdom is that of ?
  • (A) A. Acetabularia
  • (B) B. Pyricularia
  • (C) C. Pinnularia
  • (D) D. Crotalaria
16 >>Q36. Electron microscope was invented by ?
  • (A) A. Robert Hooke
  • (B) B. Watson and Crick
  • (C) C. Jacob and Monad
  • (D) D. Knoll and Ruska
17 >>Q37. Apple is ?
  • (A) A. aggregate fruit
  • (B) B. false fruit
  • (C) C. true fruit
  • (D) D. none of these
18 >>Q38. Genes are located on the chromosomes in a ?
  • (A) A. linear manner
  • (B) B. scattered manner
  • (C) C. circular manner
  • (D) D. zig - zag manner
19 >>Q39. Soil erosion leads to ?
  • (A) A. loss of water
  • (B) B. loss of air
  • (C) C. loss of vegetation
  • (D) D. loss of animal life

20 >>Q40. The plantused by Mendel in his early experiments was ?
  • (A) A. Potato
  • (B) B. Pea plant
  • (C) C. Banano
  • (D) D. Lemon