03 Chemical Engineering MCQ | Quiz | Practice Tests - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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1 >>Transition from laminar to turbulent zone in free convection heat transfer is governed by the critical value of ?
  • (A) Grashoff number.
  • (B) Grashoff number & Reynolds number.
  • (C) Reynolds number.
  • (D) Grashoff number & Prandtl number.
2 >>The most economical channel section for the fluid flow is the one for which the discharge is maximum for a given cross-sectional area. Vertical velocity distribution in an open channel for laminar flow can be assumed to be ?
  • (A) parabolic
  • (B) hyperbolic
  • (C) straight line
  • (D) none of these
3 >>Energy of the sun arises mainly from __________ reactions. ?
  • (A) fusion
  • (B) fission
  • (C) combustion
  • (D) none of these

4 >>Which of the following fastening devices has a head at one end and a nut fitted to the other ? ?
  • (A) Bolt
  • (B) Stud
  • (C) Top bolt
  • (D) None of these
5 >>Sudden fall of atmospheric pressure by a large amount is an indication of the ?
  • (A) rain
  • (B) cold wave
  • (C) storm
  • (D) fair weather

6 >>In chemical dehumidification process ?
  • (A) wet bulb temperature increases.
  • (B) dry bulb temperature remains constant.
  • (C) dew point temperature increases.
  • (D) dry bulb temperature increases.
7 >>Secondary hardening in steels arises out of the ?
  • (A) precipitation of fine alloy carbides at high temperatures.
  • (B) refinement of ferrite grain size by working.
  • (C) decomposition of retained austenite upon heat treatment.
  • (D) precipitation of complex inter-metal-lics upon heat treatment.
8 >>Drills are usually made of ?
  • (A) cermets
  • (B) high speed steel
  • (C) alloy steel
  • (D) tungsten carbide
9 >>Tumbling is the process of improving the __________ of the materials/parts. ?
  • (A) surface finish
  • (B) fatigue limit
  • (C) creep limit
  • (D) surface cleanliness

10 >>The __________ of a double acting reciprocating pump as compared to the single acting pump will be almost double. ?
  • (A) flow output
  • (B) head developed
  • (C) overall efficiency
  • (D) weight
11 >>__________ of air does not increase with increase in temperature. ?
  • (A) Density
  • (B) Thermal diffusivity
  • (C) Viscosity
  • (D) Thermal conductivity

12 >>Spherical shape of mercury droplets is due to its ?
  • (A) high viscosity.
  • (B) low surface tension.
  • (C) high density.
  • (D) high surface tension.
13 >>Sub zero treatment of steel is done to ?
  • (A) suppress martensite transformation.
  • (B) enhance its working performance in sub zero atmosphere.
  • (C) reduce the retained austenite in hardened steel.
  • (D) induce temper brittleness after its hardening.
14 >>Which of the following varies as the square root of oil pressure during atomisation of fuel oil through a pressure jet burner ? ?
  • (A) Output & fineness
  • (B) Velocity
  • (C) Both (a) & (b)
  • (D) None of these
15 >>The most suitable material of construction for a sewer to carry sewage under high pressure is ?
  • (A) asbestos cement
  • (B) steel
  • (C) cement concrete
  • (D) stoneware
16 >>Filler material used in welding should have __________ as compared to the parent metal to be welded. ?
  • (A) lower melting temperature
  • (B) same melting temperature
  • (C) same composition
  • (D) both 'b' & 'c'
17 >>Oxygen cylinders used for autogenous (cutting/welding) purposes are ?
  • (A) seamless & made of steel.
  • (B) heat treated before use.
  • (C) made by sand casting.
  • (D) welded steel cylinders.
18 >>Identify the correct statement. ?
  • (A) Sphlerite is zinc oxide.
  • (B) The first law of the thermodynamics is stated as ?E = ?Q - ?W.
  • (C) Lead can be produced in a blast furnace.
  • (D) T. ferrooxidans is a fungus that can be used for leaching chalcopyrite.
19 >>Dowtherm is a ?
  • (A) high temperature heating medium (a petroleum product).
  • (B) product of coal tar distillation.
  • (C) very heat sensitive material.
  • (D) none of these.
20 >>To counteract the bad effects of strain hardening on a cold formed part, it must be ?
  • (A) tempered
  • (B) normalised
  • (C) annealed
  • (D) hardened

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