Basic English MCQ | English Grammar Objective Question and Answer #SET 4 - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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English GK MCQ |  Basic English MCQ  | English Grammar Objective Question and Answer for Govt Exam Total 315 MCQ

In this post we are serving the multiple choice questions of Basic English language. These MCQ sets contain objective questions of English grammar, Tense, prepositions, active voice, passive voice, conjunctions, synonyms, antonyms, articles, noun, pronoun, verb, unseen passage etc. This English MCQ sets for those candidates who want to prepare for Board exam, competitive exam and all objective questions taking from previous year  papers for practice. There are more than 300 English objective questions for practice.

Q:1) Out of the four sentences given below, choose the one which is grammatically incorrect. 
A:) Do you think Australia is a more democratic country than Britain?
B:) Fresh vegetables are better to you than canned ones.
C:) It's much better to have a small, cosy room than a big, cold one.
D:) It is one of the most exciting books that I have ever read.
Q:2) T wo sentences are given below. Choose the correct conjunction to join the given sentences. I enjoyed her new book. It's not quite as good as her last one. 
 A:) as
B:) as if
C:) though
D:) and

Q:3) Choose a word that can be replaced for the given sentence. “The scientific study of the sun, the moon, the stars etc” 
 A:) Astronomy
B:) Palmistry
C:) Anthropology
D:) Horoscope
Q:4) Out of the given options which best expresses the meaning of the given proverb? "Don't count your chickens before they hatch." 
 A:) If you keep hens then there is no need to see how many chickens are hatched each day
B:) Don't make plans based on predicted results that haven't occurred yet.
C:) If we count the hatched chickens then their number decreases
D:) Do not sell all the chickens that are hatched at a time
Q:5) Once there lived a blind man in a small town. He always carried a lighted lamp in his hand whenever he went out at night. On one dark night he was going with his lighted lamp in his hand. A group of men were passing that way . They saw the blind man and made fun of him. They said, "O Blind man why do you carry the lighted lamp when you are blind and cannot see anything?” The blind man politely said, "This lamp is not for me, but for you people who have eyes. Y ou may not see a blind man coming and push him. They felt ashamed and begged pardon. What do you think would be the moral of the given extract? 
 A:) When the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.
B:) The one­eyed person is a beauty in the country of the blind.
C:) Better be one­eyed than quite blind.
D:) Think twice before you speak.

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Q:6) Question Stimulus :­ Fill in the blank with the correct set of prepositions. The temperature is expected____ drop ____ten degrees_____ zero tonight. 
 A:) of, to, above
B:) for , of, below
C:) to, to ,below
D:) by , of, below

Q:7) DIRECTIONS: A sentence with an underlined word is given below. Find the Word which is most similar in meaning to the underlined word. Public ignorance about the disease is still a cause of concern. 

 A:) Knowledge
B:) Understanding
C:) Awareness
D:) Unawareness
Q:8) DIRECTIONS: A sentence with an underlined word is given below. Find the word which is opposite to the highlighted word from the given options. Stewart asked me to lend him my car . 
 A:) repair
B:) give
C:) buy
D:) borrow
Q:9) Fill in the blank with the word given in the bracket along with the correct prefix out of the given four options. If you're ______(satisfied) with the service, why don't you complain to the hotel manager? 
 A:) in
B:) pre
C:) un
D:) dis
Q:10) Out of the four options given below, choose the one with the correct meaning of the idiom. “Burn the midnight oil” 
 A:) T o do daring things at night
B:) T o study only in the light of the lamp
C:) T o pour extra oil in the lamp
D:) Staying awake in the night either studying, reading or working
Q:11) Out of the given options, choose the one which is the correct indirect speech of the sentence given below. The teacher said to Janet, “work regularly .”
 A:) The teacher advised Janet to work regularly .
B:) The teacher ordered Janet that she should be working regularly .
C:) The teacher pleaded Janet to work regularly .
D:) The teacher warned Janet to be working regularly .

Q:12) DIRECTIONS: Given below are four sentences with an incorrect order . Arrange them in a meaningful order to form a coherent whole. 
P . Ozone is a colourless gas which is found in the stratosphere of our upper atmosphere.
Q. It is also one of the prime reasons which are leading to global warming.
R. The layer of ozone gas protects us from the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun.
S. Ozone layer depletion is one of the most serious problems faced by our planet earth.


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Q:13) Out of the given four words one is spelt incorrectly . Find the word that is incorrectly spelt 
 A:) pronounce
B:) anounce
C:) recite
D:) exhibit
Q:14) Out of the given options, choose the one which is the correct passive voice of the sentence given below. All trust an honest man. 
 A:) An honest man was trusted by all.
B:) An honest man is trusted by all.
C:) An honest man should be trusted by all.
D:) An honest man can be trusted by all.
Q:15) DIRECTIONS: T wo sentences are given below with a blank in each. Fill in the blanks with a pair of suitable words from the four options for each blank respectively: Queen Victoria ______over Britain from 1837 to 1901. It ______heavily last night 
 A:) rained, reigned
B:) reigned, rained
 C:) rained, rained
D:) reigned, reigned
Q:16) Fill in the blank with the correct word from the options given below. India is a member of the security _______. 
 A:) council
B:) counsels
C:) counselling
D:) counsel
Q:17) DIRECTIONS: A sentence with an underlined phrasal verb is given below. Out of the four options, choose the one which can be substituted for the given phrasal Verb. The criminals got away after killing three men. 
 A:) Escaped
B:) Arrested
C:) Killed
D:) Imprisoned

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