07 Civil Engineering Quiz | Irrigation MCQ #mcq.cetjob.com - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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07 Civil Engineering Quiz | Irrigation MCQ

1 >>Pick up the incorrect statement from the following
  • (A) Once the width of the flume becomes 2/3rd of the width of the distributary, the splayed walls are increased to 1 in 3 to get full bed width
  • (B) Length of side walls should be such that the width of the flume is made equal to 2/3rd the bed width of the distributary
  • (C) Side walls of a venturi head flume are splayed out from the end of the throat at 1 : 10 for a length of 4.5 m
  • (D) None of these.
2 >>F.S.L. of a canal at its head with respect to parent channel is kept
  • (A) 15 cm lower
  • (B) 15 cm higher
  • (C) at the same level
  • (D) None of these.
3 >>Pick up the correct statement from the following
  • (A) In a level crossing, a crest with its top at the canal F.S.L. is provided across the drainage at its up-stream junction with canal
  • (B) In a level crossing a regulator is provided across the drainage at its down-stream
  • (C) In a level crossing, a cross regulator is provided on the canal below the crossing
  • (D) all

4 >>For the stability of a structure against seepage pressure according to Khosla’s creep theory, the critical gradient is
  • (A) 0
  • (B) 1
  • (C) 0.5
  • (D) 0.25
5 >>For the design of major hydraulic structures on the canals, the method generally preferred to, is based on
  • (A) Khosla's method of independent variables.
  • (B) Bligh's theory
  • (C) The relaxation method
  • (D) Electrical analogy method
6 >>Retrogression of the bed level of a river downstream a weir, occurs due to
  • (A) soft soil strata.
  • (B) less percentage of silt
  • (C) increase of the bed level
  • (D) heavy impact of water
7 >>Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. Culturable commanded area is the gross area of an irrigation canal system less
  • (A) populated area
  • (B) fallow land.
  • (C) alkaline area
  • (D) forest area

8 >>In a canal syphon, the flow is
  • (A) under atmospheric pressure
  • (B) pipe flow
  • (C) with critical velocity
  • (D) under negative pressure.
9 >>Attracting groynes are built
  • (A) inclined up stream
  • (B) perpendicular to the bank
  • (C) inclined down stream
  • (D) none of these.
10 >>The difference in level between the top of a bank and supply level in a canal, is called
  • (A) free board
  • (B) berm
  • (C) height of bank
  • (D) none of these
11 >>The top of the capillary zone
  • (A) lies above the water table at every point
  • (B) lies below the water table at every point
  • (C) coincides the water table at every point
  • (D) none of these
12 >>A water-logged land is found suitable for cultivation due to
  • (A) absence of aeration of soil from root zone of the plant
  • (B) ease of tillage for preparation of the field for optimum condition of germination
  • (C) regular supply of water to plants from the water table by capillary action
  • (D) none of these
13 >>Irrigation canals are generally aligned along
  • (A) contour line
  • (B) straight line.
  • (C) valley line
  • (D) ridge line

14 >>Groynes are generally built
  • (A) inclined up stream up to 30°
  • (B) inclined down stream upto 30°
  • (C) perpendicular to the bank
  • (D) all
15 >>When a canal is carried over a natural drainage, the structure provided, is known as
  • (A) syphon
  • (B) super passage
  • (C) syphon-aqueduct.
  • (D) aqueduct
16 >>In a Sarda type fall, the rectangular crest, may be used for discharge upto
  • (A) 14 cumecs
  • (B) 20 cumecs
  • (C) 10 cumecs
  • (D) 6 cumecs
17 >>The length of a meander is the distance along the river between the tangent point of one curve to the tangent point of
  • (A) reverse curve
  • (B) next curve of the same order
  • (C) reverse curve plus the width of the river
  • (D) none of these
18 >>Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
  • (A) In furrow irrigation water is admitted between the rows of plants in the field
  • (B) In free flooding irrigation, water is admitted at one corner of a field and is allowed to spread over the entire area
  • (C) In check method of irrigation, the field is divided into smaller compartments and water is admitted to each in turn
  • (D) none of these
19 >>Borrow pits should preferably be located in
  • (A) central half width of the section of the canal.
  • (B) fields on both sides of the canal
  • (C) field on the left side of the canal
  • (D) field on the right side of the canal
20 >>When a canal and a drainage approach each other at the same level, the structure so provided, is
  • (A) inlet and outlet.
  • (B) an aqueduct
  • (C) a level crossing
  • (D) a syphon

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