Logical Reasoning in English DECISION MAKING #MCQ_CetJob - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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Chapter Wise Logical Reasoning in English DECISION MAKING

1 >>If HIM means 936, and CAM means 39 what will be the code for MAP ? ?

  • (A) 98
  • (B) 114
  • (C) 400
  • (D) 208
2 >>He is an historian, so he can not write novels ?

  • (A) No historian can write novels
  • (B) Some historians can write novels
  • (C) Historians can seldom write novels
  • (D) All of these
3 >>It is obviously false that dictators always retire voluntarily ?

  • (A) Some who retire voluntarily are not dictators
  • (B) Many who retire voluntarily are other than dictators
  • (C) Dictators rarely retire voluntarily
  • (D) All of these
4 >>Devil is an enemy because he deceives the people ?

  • (A) Those who deceive the people are enemies
  • (B) Enemies deceive the people
  • (C) All those who deceive the men are devils
  • (D) All of these .

5 >>This man can't succeed because he is not truthful ?

  • (A) Those who can get success are truthful
  • (B) All truthful persons succeed
  • (C) Only successful persons are truthful
  • (D) None of these
6 >>Some doctors are not policemen ?

  • (A) Some doctors are policemen
  • (B) Some policemen are not doctors
  • (C) Both of the above
  • (D) None of these
7 >>He does not go to the mosque so he is not a true Muslim ?

  • (A) Only true Muslims go to the mosque
  • (B) All true Musims must go to the mosque
  • (C) Some who go to mosque are true Musims
  • (D) None of these
8 >>All that glitters is not gold ?

  • (A) Many things that shine are other than gold
  • (B) Whatever shines is other than gold
  • (C) Gold is not the only gittering substance
  • (D) All of these

9 >>Some students are disturbing ?

  • (A) Some disturbing are students
  • (B) Some students are not disturbing
  • (C) Both of the above
  • (D) None of these
10 >>All right thinking people believe in fate ?

  • (A) Some who believe in fate are right thinking people
  • (B) No right thinking people do not believe in fate
  • (C) Those who believe in fate are right thinking people
  • (D) All of these
11 >>A religious fair is going to happen in Varanasi. As an IPS officer of that area you have been asked to organize a stampede-free religious fair around the holy shrine. You will: ?

  • (A) Only allow a certain number of people, which is manageable, to take part in these programmes.
  • (B) Hesitate from taking responsibility and treat it as a burden.
  • (C) Make proper arrangements to control the crowd by deploying police officers at various places.
  • (D) Order the organizers to follow up the security arrangements.
12 >>You are working as an officer with a government financial institution. As a team leader of a group you have been sent to a village to identify the grass-root financial problems of the villagers. You will: ?

  • (A) Submit your report without consulting other members.
  • (B) Submit a report after consulting all the group members giving all the details and viewpoints of all members.
  • (C) Identify all the problems by proper study.
  • (D) Refrain from doing any work and give all the responsibilities to other members.

13 >>You are working as a Section officer in a government organisation. One day two of your co-workers start fighting over some petty issue creating lots of nuisance in the office. You will: ?

  • (A) Take side of one of the co-workers, who is also your good friend.
  • (B) Leave them and let the situation be resolved on its own.
  • (C) Try to mediate and make both of them understand not to fight and create nuisance in the office.
  • (D) Call the police to control the situation.
14 >>You are in a recruitment team of a government organisation and have received an anonymous gift of Rs 1 lakh. The recruitment process is going on but you have not got any indication about the sender of this gift. In such a situation, you will: ?

  • (A) Take this money and use it for personal purpose.
  • (B) Donate this money to the orphanage.
  • (C) Try to find out the sender and return the money.
  • (D) None of the above
15 >>Anu has been a very bright student in the class but in the recent examination she has performed very poorly. She is even not behaving well in the class as well as with her friends. You come to know that she is going through a tragic phase as her father died in a car accident recently. The school principal has asked you to call her mother to inform about her poor performance. In such a situation what will you do? ?

  • (A) You will ask for re-evaluation of her answer sheet.
  • (B) You will tell her mother about the poor performance.
  • (C) You will tell her mother that Anu’s poor performance is due to the effect of her father’s demise and also counsel her how to help her child to cope with this trauma.
  • (D) You will do nothing.

Logical Reasoning in English 

16 >>You are a Professor in a University and are setting an examination paper on a particular subject. One of your colleagues, whose daughter is preparing for the examination on that subject, comes to you and informs you that it is his daughter’s last chance to pass that examination and whether you could help him by indicating what questions are going to be asked in the examination. In the past, your colleague had helped you in another matter. Your colleague informs you that his daughter will suffer from depression if she fails in this examination. Under such circumstances, what would you do? ?

  • (A) Explain to your colleague that this would be violating the trust of the University authorities and you are not in a position to help him.
  • (B) In view of the help he had given you, extend your help to him.
  • (C) Report the conduct of your colleague to the higher authorities.
  • (D) Regret that you cannot be of any help to him.

17 >>A group of people have jammed the National Highway protesting against the killing of a boy by a speeding truck in a district town. The people are demanding immediate arrest of the truck driver who is absconding after the incident and payment of a huge compensation to the victims’ family. The DM of the district should ?

  • (A) Talk to the Chief Secretary on as to how fast the government can pay the compensation.
  • (B) Talk to the Superintendent of Police on how fast he can arrest the absconding driver.
  • (C) Make a personal visit to the place and offer assurance to the people that appropriate action would be taken in due course of time.
  • (D) Order the SP to get the National Highway cleared immediately.
18 >>A senior govt. official has called an yearly review meeting of the field level functionaries. A junior officer has decided to bring to the notice of senior officer, the difficulty, the field level officials are facing. He should: ?

  • (A) Bring into notice some of the genuine difficulties the field level functionaries are facing while discharging their duties.
  • (B) Tell that it is very difficult to work in the field because in field one has to show result.
  • (C) Say that senior officers should frequently visit the field to experience the difficulties.
  • (D) Request that field level functions deserve better facilities and resources.
19 >>MPs/MLAs are public representatives and they should be treated with courtesy and respect when they visit govt. offices. A district level official has to make this point understood to his subordinates. He will: ?

  • (A) Explain the repercussions of not treating MPs/MLAs well and warn his workforce for severe consequences.
  • (B) Tell clearly that there is no option but to extend courtesy and failure will be seriously viewed.
  • (C) Make them clear that in democratic setup, people are sovereign and their representatives occupy some special position and hence deserve respect.
  • (D) Govt. has issued instructions that MPs/MLAs should be respected and treated well.
20 >>A Senior Minister during the course of his visit of the district has instructed you to send him a proposal for suspension of two of your subordinate officers. As a senior Civil Servant, you will: ?

  • (A) Immediately send the proposal and in turn the Minister will praise your action.
  • (B) Ask for the explanations of your subordinates and will send along with your own comments.
  • (C) Strongly oppose the direction of Minister and take up the matter with Chief Secretary of the state.
  • (D) Ask the two subordinates to make a 'pairvi' and watch the outcome.