Logical Reasoning in English SENTENCE COMPLETION #MCQ_CetJob - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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Chapter Wise Logical Reasoning in English SENTENCE COMPLETION

"1 >>Philosophical problems arise when people ask questions that, though very_______, have certain characteristics in common. ?
  • (A) relevant
  • (B) elementary
  • (C) abstract
  • (D) diverse
2 >>The ambassador's papers are not_______reading, but on who reads slowly and attentively will be richly repaid. ?
  • (A) petty
  • (B) valuable
  • (C) insightful
  • (D) easy
3 >>Far from being mere replicas of seventeenth-century African culture, Maroon societies have continually developed as their members have________________the artistic heritage bequeathed by their ancestors, adapting it creatively to their changing lives. ?
  • (A) confused
  • (B) repressed
  • (C) denied
  • (D) modified
4 >>Although the substance is normally quite______________, scientists found that when tempered with other elements it could be stored safely in metal containers. ?
  • (A) voluminous
  • (B) caustic
  • (C) insoluble
  • (D) vapid

5 >>It is ironic and somehow tragic that good people are often dull while evil people can be endlessly______. ?
  • (A) ordinary
  • (B) stubborn
  • (C) skeptical
  • (D) fascinating
6 >>Ecology, like economics, concerns itself with the movement of valuable__through a complex network of producers and consumers. ?
  • (A) commodities
  • (B) dividends
  • (C) communications
  • (D) nutrients
7 >>Certainly Murray's preoccupation with the task of editing the Oxford English Dictionary begot a kind of monomania, but it must be regarded as a _________________ or at least an innocuous one. ?
  • (A) tame
  • (B) tendentious
  • (C) meretricious
  • (D) beneficent
8 >>Nutritionists declare that the mineral selenium, despite its toxic aspects, is_______________to life, even though it is needed in extremely small quantities. ?
  • (A) destructive
  • (B) insignificant
  • (C) essential
  • (D) extraneous
9 >>Kagan maintains that an infants reactions to its first stressful experiences are part of a natural process of development, not harbingers of childhood
unhappiness or _________ signs of adolescent anxiety. ?

  • (A) prophetic
  • (B) normal
  • (C) monotonous
  • (D) virtual

10 >>By forcing our surrender to the authority of the clock systematic time keeping has imposed a form of________on society ?
  • (A) anarchy
  • (B) permanence
  • (C) provincialism
  • (D) tyranny

11 >>Because he felt intimidated in his new position, he was divulging his frank opinions of company proposals. ?
  • (A) precipitate in
  • (B) candid in
  • (C) chary of
  • (D) fervid about
12 >>Wild life represents a renewable resource but one that cannot be_____________for the enjoyment of future generations. ?
  • (A) replaced
  • (B) stockpiled
  • (C) balanced
  • (D) depleted

13 >>Current data suggest that, although____________states between fear and aggression exist, fear and aggression are as distinct physiologically as they are psychologically. ?
  • (A) simultaneous
  • (B) serious
  • (C) exceptional
  • (D) transitional
14 >>The spellings of many Old English words have been _____________ in the living language, although their pronunciations have changed. ?
  • (A) preserved
  • (B) shortened
  • (C) preempted
  • (D) revised

15 >>A common argument claims that in folk art, the artists subordination of technical mastery to intense feeling _____ the direct communication of emotion to the viewer. ?
  • (A) facilitates
  • (B) averts
  • (C) neutralizes
  • (D) implies

16 >>Because modern scientists find the ancient Greek view of the cosmos outdated and irrelevant, they now perceive it as only of__________interest. ?
  • (A) historical
  • (B) intrinsic
  • (C) astronomical
  • (D) experimental
17 >>Dreams are__________in and of themselves, but, when combined with other data, they can tell us much about the dreamer. ?
  • (A) uninformative
  • (B) starting
  • (C) harmless
  • (D) unregulated

Logical Reasoning in English

18 >>He was widely regarded as a_______man because he revealed daily his distrust of human nature and human motives. ?
  • (A) disrespectful
  • (B) cynical
  • (C) confused
  • (D) misinformed
19 >>Within the tribal government of the Crow Indians, the clan system serves as a method of checks and balances that_________the assumption of authoritarian rule by any one clan. ?
  • (A) determines
  • (B) prevents
  • (C) examines
  • (D) delegates
20 >>The life of Rumel, who enhanced his own political strength as he fought for his people's freedom, suggests that not all liberation movements result in the________________of their leaders. ?
  • (A) corruption
  • (B) canonization
  • (C) self-glorification
  • (D) downfall