03 NCLEX PN Practical Nurses Quiz | Practice Test 03 - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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NCLEX PN Practical Nurses Quiz | Practice Test 03

1 >>The nurse is caring for the client receiving Amphotericin B. Which of the following indicates that the client has experienced toxicity to this drug? ?
  • (A) Changes in vision
  • (B) Nausea
  • (C) Urinary frequency
  • (D) Changes in skin color
2 >>The nurse should visit which of the following clients first? ?
  • (A) The client with diabetes who has a blood glucose of 95mg/dL
  • (B) The client with hypertension being maintained on Lisinopril
  • (C) The client with chest pain and a history of angina
  • (D) The client with Raynaud's disease
3 >>A client with cystic fibrosis is taking pancreatic enzymes. The nurse should administer this medication: ?
  • (A) Once per day in the morning
  • (B) Three times per day with meals
  • (C) Once per day at bedtime
  • (D) Four times per day
4 >>Cataracts result in opacity of the crystalline lens. Which of the following best explains the functions of the lens? ?
  • (A) The lens controls stimulation of the retina.
  • (B) The lens orchestrates eye movement.
  • (C) The lens focuses light rays on the retina.
  • (D) The lens magnifies small objects.

5 >>A client who has glaucoma is to have miotic eyedrops instilled in both eyes. The nurse knows that the purpose of the medication is to: ?
  • (A) Anesthetize the cornea
  • (B) Dilate the pupils
  • (C) Constrict the pupils
  • (D) Paralyze the muscles of accommodation
6 >>A client with a severe corneal ulcer has an order for Gentamycin gtt. q 4 hours and Neomycin 1 gtt q 4 hours. Which of the following schedules should be used when administering the drops? ?
  • (A) Allow 5 minutes between the two medications.
  • (B) The medications may be used together.
  • (C) The medications should be separated by a cycloplegic drug.
  • (D) The medications should not be used in the same client.
7 >>The client with colorblindness will most likely have problems distinguishing which of the following colors? ?
  • (A) Orange
  • (B) Violet
  • (C) Red
  • (D) White
8 >>The client with a pacemaker should be taught to: ?
  • (A) Report ankle edema
  • (B) Check his blood pressure daily
  • (C) Refrain from using a microwave oven
  • (D) Monitor his pulse rate
9 >>The client with enuresis is being taught regarding bladder retraining. The nurse should advise the client to refrain from drinking after: ?
  • (A) 1900
  • (B) 1200
  • (C) 1000
  • (D) 700
10 >>Which of the following diet instructions should be given to the client with recurring urinary tract infections? ?
  • (A) Increase intake of meats
  • (B) Avoid citrus fruits
  • (C) Perform pericare with hydrogen peroxide
  • (D) Drink a glass of cranberry juice every day
11 >>The physician has prescribed NPH insulin for a client with diabetes mellitus. Which statement indicates that the client knows when the peak action of the insulin occurs? ?
  • (A) "I will make sure I eat breakfast within 2 hours of taking my insulin."
  • (B) "I will need to carry candy or some form of sugar with me all the time."
  • (C) "I will eat a snack around three o'clock each afternoon."
  • (D) "I can save my dessert from supper for a bedtime snack."
12 >>A client with rheumatoid arthritis is receiving Methotrexate. After reviewing the client's chart, the physician orders Wellcovorin (leucovorin calcium). The rationale for administering leucovorin calcium to a client receiving Methotrexate is to: ?
  • (A) Treat iron-deficiency anemia caused by chemotherapeutic agents
  • (B) Create a synergistic effect that shortens treatment time
  • (C) Increase the number of circulating neutrophils
  • (D) Reverse drug toxicity and prevent tissue damage
13 >>A client tells the nurse that she is allergic to eggs, dogs, rabbits, and chicken feathers. Which order should the nurse question? ?
  • (A) TB skin test
  • (B) Rubella vaccine
  • (C) ELISA test
  • (D) Chest x-ray
14 >>The physician has prescribed rantidine (Zantac) for a client with erosive gastritis. The nurse should administer the medication: ?
  • (A) 30 minutes before meals
  • (B) With each meal
  • (C) In a single dose at bedtime
  • (D) 60 minutes after meals
15 >>A client is admitted to the hospital following a gunshot wound to the abdomen. A temporary colostomy is performed, and the physician writes an order to irrigate the proximal end of the colostomy. The nurse is aware that the proximal end of a doublebarrel colostomy is the end that: ?
  • (A) Is the opening on the client's left side
  • (B) Is the opening on the distal end on the client's left side
  • (C) Is the opening on the client's right side
  • (D) Is the opening on the distal right side
16 >>When the nurse checks the fundus of a client on the first postpartum day, she notes that the fundus is firm, at the level of the umbilicus, and is displaced to the right. The next action the nurse should take is to: ?
  • (A) Check the client for bladder distention
  • (B) Assess the blood pressure for hypotension
  • (C) Determine whether an oxytoxic drug was given
  • (D) Check for the expulsion of small clots
17 >>The physician has ordered a CAT (computerized axial tomography) scan for a client with a possible cerebral aneurysm. Which information is most important to the nurse who is preparing the client for the CAT scan? The client: ?
  • (A) Is having her menstrual period
  • (B) Has a history of claustrophobia
  • (C) Is allergic to oysters
  • (D) Has sensory deafness

18 >>A 6-month-old client is placed on strict bed rest following a hernia repair. Which toy is best suited to the client? ?
  • (A) Colorful crib mobile
  • (B) Hand-held electronic games
  • (C) Cars in a plastic container
  • (D) 30-piece jigsaw puzzle
19 >>The nurse is preparing to discharge a client with a long history of polio. The nurse should tell the client that: ?
  • (A) Taking a hot bath will decrease stiffness and spasticity.
  • (B) A schedule of strenuous exercise will improve muscle strength.
  • (C) Rest periods should be scheduled throughout the day.
  • (D) Visual disturbances may be corrected with prescription glasses.
20 >>A client on the postpartum unit has a proctoepisiotomy. The nurse should anticipate administering which medication? ?
  • (A) Dulcolax suppository
  • (B) Docusate sodium (Colace)
  • (C) Methyergonovine maleate (Methergine)
  • (D) Methylphenidate (Ritalin)

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