Indian Ancient History GK Quiz 4-Ancient Art and Culture MCQ in English mcq.cetjob - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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Indian Ancient History GK Quiz 4-Ancient Art and Culture MCQ

As we know that in the various government, Universities Entrance test and non government exam having some questions on Ancient Art and Culture of India. So, we give some most important objective questions and answers based on Indian ancient history based questions which helps you to get more knowledge on History part. This section contain previous year questions of various exams like SSC, PSc, UPSC, Bank Exam, TET, Constable, Police bharti etc exams.

1. Which of the following inscriptions is found in purest Sanskrit?
A) Ruminidei
B) Junagarh
C) Kalsi
D) Patliputra

2. Who wrote Mudrarakshasa?
A) Vishakhadatta
B) Panini
C) Patanjali
D) Shudrak


3. In which of the following places Vardhaman attained the state of enlightenment?
A) Kundagram
B) Pavapuri
C) Jrimbhik Gram
D) Kashmir


4. Who was the patron king of Pataliputra Buddhist Council?
A) Ajatashatru
B) Kalashoka
C) Ashoka
D) Kanishka


5. Who deciphered Ashokan inscription?
A) Robert Clive
B) Lady Hardinge
C) James Prinsep
D) Dalhousie


6. Which of the following is not a holy book of Jainism?
A) Angasahitya
B) Upangsahitya
C) Sutta pitaka
D) Kalpasutra


7. In which of following Buddhist councils compilation of holy books was completed?
A) Rajgir
B) Pataliputra
C) Kashmir
D) Vaishali

8. Who was the founder of Pataliputra?
A) Bimbisar
B) Ajatashatru
C) Udayin
D) Kanishka

Ancient Art and Culture of India MCQ
 9. Which symbol shows renunciation?
A) Lotus
B) Bull
C) Elephant
D) Horse


10. Which Mauryan king holds the title of Amitraghata?
A) Bimbisar
B) Chandragupta Maurya
C) Bindusar
D) Ashoka


11. Kailasha temple of Ellora was built by?
A) Krishna I
B) Krishna II
C) Ramakrishna I
D) Ramakrishna II


12. Dasavatara temple of Nagra style is located at which of the following places?
A) Badrinath
B) Gorakhpur
C) Jhansi (Lalitpur)
D) Samstipur


13. Who wrote Mrichhakatikam?
A) Vishakhadatta
B) Vishnu Sharma
C) Kalidasa
D) Shudrak

14. Who is known as the Napoleon of India?
A) Srigupta
B) Chandragupta
C) Samudragupta
D) Devicharangupta

15. Who wrote Si- Yu- ki?
A) Harshavardhan
B) Selucas Nicator
C) HieunTsiang
D) Megasthanese


16. Panchasidhantika, written by Varahmihir is based on?
A) Mathematics
B) Science
C) Astrology
D) Astronomy


17. Kanishka ruled from?
A) Purushpur
B) Alipur
C) Indraprastha
D) Prayag

18. Which of the following books is based on Astrology?
A) RomakSiddhanta
B) Aryabhattiya
C) Hora Shastra
D) Brahma Siddhanta

19. Who established Nalanda Mahavihara ?
A) Kumaragupta
B) Skandagupta
C) Devgupta
D) Vedgupta

20. Bagh painting of Gupta Empire was found in which of the following Indian states?
A) Bihar
B) Madhya Pradesh
C) Chattisgarh
D) Maharashtra

21. Most depicted animal of the Indus Valley Civilization was?
A) Elephant
B) Lion
C) Bull
D) Dog

22. What was the capital of Avanti?
A) Gaya
B) Ujjain
C) Satna
D) Vallabhi

23. Which of following Chalcolithic sites comes under Ganges system?
A) Hanumangarh
B) Alamgirpur
C) Ropar
D) Mohenjodaro

24. Who wrote Panchatantra?
A) Kalidas
B) Vishnu Sharma
C) Chanakya
D) Nagarjun

25. Which of the following metals was not known during the Indus Valley Civilization?
A) Iron
B) Gold
C) Copper
D) Silver

26. Study of inscription is called:
A) Archaeology
B) Numismatic
C) Epigraphy
D) Palaeography

27. Which of the following is not a religious text?
A) Rigveda
B) Sangam
C) Upanishad
D) None of the above

28. Satavahana dynasty originated from?
A) South of Arawali
B) South of Vindhya
C) South of Satpura
D) South of Satmola

29. Which of the following is related to Etymology?
A) Shiksha
B) Kalpa
C) Nirukta
D) Vyakaran

30. Kalinga was situated between?
A) Godavari & Krishna
B) Mahanadi & Godavari
C) Mahanadi & Krishna
D) Krishna & Kaveri

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