09 NCLEX PN Practical Nurses Quiz | Practice Test 09 - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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NCLEX PN Practical Nurses Quiz | Practice Test 09

1 >>A newborn weighed 7 pounds at birth. At 6 months of age, the infant could be expected to weigh: ?
  • (A) 14 pounds
  • (B) 18 pounds
  • (C) 25 pounds
  • (D) 30 pounds
2 >>A client with nontropical sprue has an exacerbation of symptoms. Which meal selection is responsible for the recurrence of the client's symptoms? ?
  • (A) Tossed salad with oil and vinegar dressing
  • (B) Baked potato with sour cream and chives
  • (C) Cream of tomato soup and crackers
  • (D) Mixed fruit and yogurt
3 >>A client with congestive heart failure has been receiving Digoxin (lanoxin). Which finding indicates that the medication is having a desired effect? ?
  • (A) Increased urinary output
  • (B) Stabilized weight
  • (C) Improved appetite
  • (D) Increased pedal edema
4 >>Which play activity is best suited to the gross motor skills of the toddler? ?
  • (A) Coloring book and crayons
  • (B) Ball
  • (C) Building cubes
  • (D) Swing set

5 >>The physician has ordered Basalgel (aluminum carbonate gel) for a client with recurrent indigestion. The nurse should teach the client common side effects of the medication, which include: ?
  • (A) Constipation
  • (B) Urinary retention
  • (C) Diarrhea
  • (D) Confusion
6 >>A client is admitted with suspected abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). A common complaint of the client with an abdominal aortic aneurysm is: ?
  • (A) Loss of sensation in the lower extremities
  • (B) Back pain that lessens when standing
  • (C) Decreased urinary output
  • (D) Pulsations in the periumbilical area
7 >>A client is admitted with acute adrenal crisis. During the intake assessment, the nurse can expect to find that the client has: ?
  • (A) Low blood pressure
  • (B) Slow, regular pulse
  • (C) Warm, flushed skin
  • (D) Increased urination
8 >>An elderly client is hospitalized for a transurethral prostatectomy. Which finding should be reported to the doctor immediately? ?
  • (A) Hourly urinary output of 40-50cc
  • (B) Bright red urine with many clots
  • (C) Dark red urine with few clots
  • (D) Requests for pain med q 4 hrs.
9 >>A 9-year-old is admitted with suspected rheumatic fever. Which finding is suggestive of polymigratory arthritis? ?
  • (A) Irregular movements of the extremities and facial grimacing
  • (B) Painless swelling over the extensor surfaces of the joints
  • (C) Faint areas of red demarcation over the back and abdomen
  • (D) Swelling, inflammation, and effusion of the joints
10 >>A child with croup is placed in a cool, high-humidity tent connected to room air. The primary purpose of the tent is to: ?
  • (A) Prevent insensible water loss
  • (B) Provide a moist environment with oxygen at 30%
  • (C) Prevent dehydration and reduce fever
  • (D) Liquefy secretions and relieve laryngeal spasm
11 >>A client is admitted with a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. An initial assessment of the client would reveal: ?
  • (A) Slow pulse rate, weight loss, diarrhea, and cardiac failure
  • (B) Weight gain, lethargy, slowed speech, and decreased respiratory rate
  • (C) Rapid pulse, constipation, and bulging eyes
  • (D) Decreased body temperature, weight loss, and increased respirations
12 >>Which statement describes the contagious stage of varicella? ?
  • (A) The contagious stage is 1 day before the onset of the rash until the appearance of vesicles.
  • (B) The contagious stage lasts during the vesicular and crusting stages of the lesions.
  • (C) The contagious stage is from the onset of the rash until the rash disappears.
  • (D) The contagious stage is 1 day before the onset of the rash until all the lesions are crusted.
13 >>A client admitted to the psychiatric unit claims to be the Son of God and insists that he will not be kept away from his followers. The most likely explanation for the client's delusion is: ?
  • (A) A religious experience
  • (B) A stressful event
  • (C) Low self-esteem
  • (D) Overwhelming anxiety
14 >>The nurse is caring for an 8-year-old following a routine tonsillectomy. Which finding should be reported immediately? ?
  • (A) Reluctance to swallow
  • (B) Drooling of blood-tinged saliva
  • (C) An axillary temperature of 99°F
  • (D) Respiratory stridor

15 >>The nurse is admitting a client with a suspected duodenal ulcer. The client will most likely report that his abdominal discomfort lessens when he: ?
  • (A) Skips a meal
  • (B) Rests in recumbent position
  • (C) Eats a meal
  • (D) Sits upright after eating
16 >>Which of the following meal selections is appropriate for the client with celiac disease? ?
  • (A) Toast, jam, and apple juice
  • (B) Peanut butter cookies and milk
  • (C) Rice Krispies bar and milk
  • (D) Cheese pizza and Kool-Aid
17 >>A client with hyperthyroidism is taking lithium carbonate to inhibit thyroid hormone release. Which complaint by the client should alert the nurse to a problem with the client's medication? ?
  • (A) The client complains of blurred vision.
  • (B) The client complains of increased thirst and increased urination.
  • (C) The client complains of increased weight gain over the past year.
  • (D) The client complains of changes in taste.
18 >>A 2-month-old infant has just received her first Tetramune injection. The nurse should tell the mother that the immunization: ?
  • (A) Will need to be repeated when the child is 4 years of age
  • (B) Is given to determine whether the child is susceptible to pertussis
  • (C) Is one of a series of injections that protects against dpt and Hib
  • (D) Is a one-time injection that protects against MMR and varicella
19 >>The nurse is caring for a client hospitalized with bipolar disorder, manic phase. Which of the following snacks would be best for the client with mania? ?
  • (A) Potato chips
  • (B) Diet cola
  • (C) Apple
  • (D) Milkshake
20 >>A 2-year-old is hospitalized with suspected intussusception. Which finding is associated with intussusception? ?
  • (A) "Currant jelly" stools
  • (B) Projectile vomiting
  • (C) "Ribbonlike" stools
  • (D) Palpable mass over the flank

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