08 NCLEX PN Practical Nurses Quiz | Practice Test 08 - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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NCLEX PN Practical Nurses Quiz | Practice Test 08

1 >>The physician has prescribed Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide) for a client with nephotic syndrome. The nurse should: ?
  • (A) Encourage the client to drink extra fluids
  • (B) Request a low-protein diet for the client
  • (C) Bathe the client using only mild soap and water
  • (D) Provide additional warmth for swollen, inflamed joints
2 >>The nurse is caring for a client with detoxification from alcohol.Which medication is used in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal? ?
  • (A) Antabuse (disulfiram)
  • (B) Romazicon (flumazenil)
  • (C) Dolophine (methodone)
  • (D) Ativan (lorazepam)
3 >>A client with insulin-dependent diabetes takes 20 units of NPH insulin at 7 a.m. The nurse should observe the client for signs of hypoglycemia at: ?
  • (A) 8 a.m.
  • (B) 10 a.m.
  • (C) 3 p.m.
  • (D) 5 a.m.
4 >>The licensed practical nurse is assisting the charge nurse in planning care for a client with a detached retina. Which of the following nursing diagnoses should receive priority? ?
  • (A) Alteration in comfort
  • (B) Alteration in mobility
  • (C) Alteration in skin integrity
  • (D) Alteration in O2 perfusion

5 >>The primary purpose for using a CPM machine for the client with a total knee repair is to help: ?
  • (A) Prevent contractures
  • (B) Promote flexion of the artificial joint
  • (C) Decrease the pain associated with early ambulation
  • (D) Alleviate lactic acid production in the leg muscles
6 >>Which of the following statements reflects Kohlberg's theory of the moral development of the preschool-age child? ?
  • (A) Obeying adults is seen as correct behavior.
  • (B) Showing respect for parents is seen as important.
  • (C) Pleasing others is viewed as good behavior.
  • (D) Behavior is determined by consequences.
7 >>A toddler with otitis media has just completed antibiotic therapy. A recheck appointment should be made to: ?
  • (A) Determine whether the ear infection has affected her hearing
  • (B) Make sure that she has taken all the antibiotic
  • (C) Document that the infection has completely cleared
  • (D) Obtain a new prescription in case the infection recurs
8 >>A factory worker is brought to the nurse's office after a metal fragment enters his right eye. The nurse should: ?
  • (A) Cover the right eye with a sterile 4x4
  • (B) Attempt to remove the metal with a cotton-tipped applicator
  • (C) Flush the eye for 10 minutes with running water
  • (D) Cover both eyes and transport the client to the ER
9 >>The nurse is caring for a client with systemic lupus erythematosis (SLE). The major complication associated with systemic lupus erythematosis is: ?
  • (A) Nephritis
  • (B) Cardiomegaly
  • (C) Desquamation
  • (D) Meningitis
10 >>Which diet is associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer? ?
  • (A) Low protein, complex carbohydrates
  • (B) High protein, simple carbohydrates
  • (C) High fat, refined carbohydrates
  • (D) Low carbohydrates, complex proteins
11 >>The nurse is caring for an infant following a cleft lip repair. While comforting the infant, the nurse should avoid: ?
  • (A) Holding the infant
  • (B) Offering a pacifier
  • (C) Providing a mobile
  • (D) Offering sterile water
12 >>The physician has ordered Amoxil (amoxicillin) 500mg capsules for a client with esophageal varices. The nurse can best care for the client's needs by: ?
  • (A) Giving the medication as ordered
  • (B) Providing extra water with the medication
  • (C) Giving the medication with an antacid
  • (D) Requesting an alternate form of the medication

13 >>The nurse is providing dietary instructions for a client with irondeficiency anemia. Which food is a poor source of iron? ?
  • (A) Tomatoes
  • (B) Legumes
  • (C) Dried fruits
  • (D) Nuts
14 >>The nurse is teaching a client with Parkinson's disease ways to prevent curvatures of the spine associated with the disease. To prevent spinal flexion, the nurse should tell the client to: ?
  • (A) Periodically lie prone without a neck pillow
  • (B) Sleep only in dorsal recumbent position
  • (C) Rest in supine position with his head elevated
  • (D) Sleep on either side but keep his back straight
15 >>The nurse is planning dietary changes for a client following an episode of pancreatitis. Which diet is suitable for the client? ?
  • (A) Low calorie, low carbohydrate
  • (B) High calorie, low fat
  • (C) High protein, high fat
  • (D) Low protein, high carbohydrate
16 >>A client with hypothyroidism frequently complains of feeling cold. The nurse should tell the client that she will be more comfortable if she: ?
  • (A) Uses an electric blanket at night
  • (B) Dresses in extra layers of clothing
  • (C) Applies a heating pad to her feet
  • (D) Takes a hot bath morning and evening
17 >>A client has been hospitalized with a diagnosis of laryngeal cancer. Which factor is most significant in the development of laryngeal cancer? ?
  • (A) A family history of laryngeal cancer
  • (B) Chronic inhalation of noxious fumes
  • (C) Frequent straining of the vocal cords
  • (D) A history of alcohol and tobacco use
18 >>The nurse is completing an assessment history of a client with pernicious anemia. Which complaint differentiates pernicious anemia from other types of anemia? ?
  • (A) Difficulty in breathing after exertion
  • (B) Numbness and tingling in the extremities
  • (C) A faster-than-usual heart rate
  • (D) Feelings of lightheadedness
19 >>The chart of a client with schizophrenia states that the client has echolalia. The nurse can expect the client to: ?
  • (A) Speak using words that rhyme
  • (B) Repeat words or phrases used by others
  • (C) Include irrelevant details in conversation
  • (D) Make up new words with new meanings
20 >>Which early morning activity helps to reduce the symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis? ?
  • (A) Brushing the teeth
  • (B) Drinking a glass of juice
  • (C) Drinking a cup of coffee
  • (D) Brushing the hair

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