04 Basic Maths Quiz - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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1 >>Q61. What is a straight line that joins any two points in a curve known as? ?
  • (A) A. Card
  • (B) B. Cordial
  • (C) C. Chord
  • (D) D. Core
2 >>Q62. What is a set of numbers that describes the position of a point called as? ?
  • (A) A. Disordinates
  • (B) B. Co-ordinates
  • (C) C. Pro-ordinates
  • (D) D. In-ordinates
3 >>Q63. What is an assumption about the value of a parameter of the distribution known as? ?
  • (A) A. Hypothesis
  • (B) B. Parenthesis
  • (C) C. Larynthesis
  • (D) D. Nanothesis
4 >>Q64. Most of the gambling is related to which branch of mathematics? ?
  • (A) A. Statistics
  • (B) B. Probability
  • (C) C. Algebra
  • (D) D. Trigonometry
5 >>Q65. What is a figure with three or more straight sides that do not intersect other than the vertices called as? ?
  • (A) A. Monogon
  • (B) B. Polygon
  • (C) C. Paragon
  • (D) D. Hypogon

6 >>Q66. A list of terms that are placed in chronological order is known as- ?
  • (A) A. Serial
  • (B) B. Sequence
  • (C) C. Series
  • (D) D. Secant
7 >>Q67.The branch of mathematics that deals with the differentiation & integration of functions is known as- ?
  • (A) A. Calibration
  • (B) B. Calculus
  • (C) C. Integration
  • (D) D. Combinatorics
8 >>Q68. A pair of angles that join together to make a right angle 90° is called ?
  • (A) A. Scalene angle
  • (B) B. Complimentary angle
  • (C) C. Obtuse angle
  • (D) D. Equilateral angle
9 >>Q69.The branch of mathematics dealing with properties, measurements & relationships of points, lines, planes & solids is known as- ?
  • (A) A. Graphology
  • (B) B. Geometry
  • (C) C. Optometry
  • (D) D. Symmetry
10 >>Q70. What is the ratio of chances in favour of an event to the total number called? ?
  • (A) A. Prosperity
  • (B) B. Probability
  • (C) C. Perpetuity
  • (D) D. Popularity
11 >>Q71. What is an arrangement of objects, numbers, etc. in columns or rows known as? ?
  • (A) A. Axis
  • (B) B. Array
  • (C) C. Arrow
  • (D) D. Align

12 >>Q72. A small star(*) used to mark a space where something missing is known as- ?
  • (A) A. Asterix
  • (B) B. Asterisk
  • (C) C. Astir
  • (D) D. Aster
13 >>Q73. A straight-line that divides an angle or an interval into two equal parts is called - ?
  • (A) A. Binomial
  • (B) B. Bi-sector
  • (C) C. Binary
  • (D) D. Bi-centennial
14 >>Q74. What is a measuring instrument with curved legs for measuring thickness of curved objects orturned outwardsfor measuring cavities? ?
  • (A) A. Compass
  • (B) B. Caliper
  • (C) C. Protractor
  • (D) D. Counter
15 >>Q75. What is the measurement around a circle is known as? ?
  • (A) A. Radius
  • (B) B. Radian
  • (C) C. Radii
  • (D) D. Circumference
16 >>Q76. What are three or more points that lie on the same straight-line is called? ?
  • (A) A. Co interior
  • (B) B. Collinear
  • (C) C. Coordinates
  • (D) D. Coplanar
17 >>Q77. What is a number with factors other than itself & one? ?
  • (A) A. Whole number
  • (B) B. Composite number
  • (C) C. Natural number
  • (D) D. Complex number
18 >>Q78. What is a box with 12 edges, six faces & eight corners with opposite sides of same shape & size called? ?
  • (A) A. Spheroid
  • (B) B. Cuboid
  • (C) C. Rhomboid
  • (D) D. Octoid
19 >>Q79. Which among these is also equivalent to one degree in angles? ?
  • (A) A. 60 seconds
  • (B) B. 60 minutes
  • (C) C. 60 hours
  • (D) D. None of these

20 >>Q80. What is the mathematical name of diamond shape,  a two dimensional with four equal sides & oblique angles? ?
  • (A) A. Rhomboid
  • (B) B. Rectangle
  • (C) C. Rhombus
  • (D) D. Rhombohedron