Basic Automobile Engineering Quiz | Practice Test #mcq.CETJOB - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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Multiple Choice Questions on Automobile | Objective Questions | Automobile Engineering Quiz | MCQ

1 >>When the front wheels of a vehicle are locked during braking, then?
  • (A) stopping distance becomes extremely long
  • (B) front tyres skid across the road surface and the vehicle spins around
  • (C) rear tyres skid across the road surface and the vehicle spins around
  • (D) driver loses control over the steering, and the vehicle continues moving in its current direction
2 >>The order in which effort applied to the steering wheel is transferred to the front wheel is ?
  • (A) steering wheel - steering gearbox - steering shaft - tie rod - steering knuckle - front wheels
  • (B) steering wheel - steering shaft - steering gearbox - tie rod - steering kunckle -front wheels
  • (C) steering wheel - steering shaft - steering gearbox - steering knuckle - tie rod - front wheels
  • (D) steering wheel - tie rod - steering gearbox - steering shaft - steering knuckle - front wheels
3 >>The best fuels for compression ignition engines are ?
  • (A) straight chain paraffins
  • (B) aromatics
  • (C) branched chain paraffins
  • (D) napthalenes
4 >>An oil filter bypass valve opens when the ?
  • (A) engine is cold
  • (B) engine overheats
  • (C) oil filter becomes clogged
  • (D) engine runs at high speed

5 >>Damper is also known as ?
  • (A) shock absorber
  • (B) torsion bar
  • (C) spring
  • (D) radius rod
6 >>The main characteristics of a maintenance-free (MF) battery is that ?
  • (A) a maintenance-free battery requires little maintenance during normal use and it is sufficient to add water instead of an electrolyte containing sulphuric acid
  • (B) a maintenance-free battery has a relatively short shelf life when compared with standard batteries
  • (C) since it is sealed, the water in a maintenance-free battery is not lost through evaporation thus accordingly it is not necessary to top up the cells with water
  • (D) recharging of a maintenance-free battery is neither required nor possible
7 >>The most accurate ignition system of a spark ignition engine is ?
  • (A) magneto system
  • (B) battery system
  • (C) electronic control unit system
  • (D) magneto and electronic system
8 >>The main function of a resonator is that it ?
  • (A) regulates the intake air flow rate
  • (B) reduces the intake air noise .
  • (C) enhances intake efficiency
  • (D) regulates the intake air temperature
9 >>For the same maximum pressure and temperature ?
  • (A) Diesel cycle is more efficient than Otto cycle
  • (B) Otto cycle is more efficient than Diesel cycle
  • (C) both Otto cycle and Diesel cycle are equally efficient
  • (D) none of the above

10 >>The fuel pump of a programmed fuel injection (PFI) system operate for two seconds when the ignition is turned to the start position to ?
  • (A) enable the pump's fault-diagnosis function to operate
  • (B) warm up and lubricate the pump
  • (C) supply a large amount of fuel and thereby create a choke effect
  • (D) pressurise the fuel system before the engine is started
11 >>In which of the following conditions, the idle CO percentage should be measured with the vehicle? ?
  • (A) Headlights and other electrical devices are switched off.
  • (B) Headlights and other electrical devices are switched on.
  • (C) Headlights and other lights are switched off.
  • (D) Headlights are switched on.

12 >>The mechanical efficiency (?m) of an I.C. engine is equal to (where I.P. = Indicated power, B.P. = Brake power and F.P. = Frictional power) ?
  • (A) I.P/B.P.
  • (B) B.P/I.P.
  • (C) B.P/F.P
  • (D) F.P./B.P.
13 >>The lower cylindrical portion of the piston which improves piston cooling performance is called ?
  • (A) piston crown
  • (B) connecting rod
  • (C) piston pin boss
  • (D) piston skirt
14 >>The most effective method of controlling S.I. engine exhaust emission is by ?
  • (A) recirculating exhaust
  • (B) using catalytic converter
  • (C) using some additives in the fuel
  • (D) none of these
15 >>The power actually developed inside the engine cylinder is called as ?
  • (A) indicated power
  • (B) brake power
  • (C) frictional power
  • (D) none of these
16 >>If clearance volume of I.C. engines is increased, the compression ratio will ?
  • (A) increase
  • (B) decrease
  • (C) remain constant
  • (D) be doubled
17 >>The basic function of the suspension is to ?
  • (A) absorb vibration and impact forces from the road surface
  • (B) ensure that the steering wheel can deliver a suitable amount of steering force
  • (C) ensure that wheel alignment is not disturbed during driving
  • (D) automatically correct the effects of over steering
18 >>Damper in an automobile is used to ?
  • (A) absorb the energy
  • (B) dissipate the energy
  • (C) release the energy
  • (D) increase the energy
19 >>The combustion process in a Diesel engine is a ?
  • (A) constant volume process
  • (B) constant pressure process
  • (C) constant temperature process
  • (D) adiabatic process
20 >>The damper fluid leakage typically occur from ?
  • (A) upper damper mounting
  • (B) bottom of damper
  • (C) clearance between inner and outer tubes of damper
  • (D) coil spring mounting