MCQ: Teaching Aptitude | Teaching Aptitude Objective Question and Answers #1 - Multiple choice questions and Objectives
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 Teaching Aptitude Objective Question and Answers | Teaching Aptitude MCQ Quiz

A certain level of work ability at a certain level is known as aptitude and in terms of teaching ability is known as teaching aptitude. If candidates having outstanding ability in aptitude becomes talent. So the motivation of all competitive exam to pick talented people through aptitude test. If you want to become a teacher or professor than you have talent in field of teaching. For the same UGC, CSIR, Teacher eligibility Test (TET), TGT, PGT, BEd Entrance test, Navodaya Teacher test, Central School Teacher Test, state eligibility test etc examination board take an entrance test in terms of teaching aptitude and research aptitude. 

            Here we give the multiple choice question and answers (Objective questions) i.e. MCQ of Teaching aptitude and research aptitude subject. The Syllabus are as follows:
Teaching Aptitude Syllabus: Nature, Objectives, Characteristics and Basic Requirements; Learner’s Characteristics; Factors affecting Teaching.; Methods of Teaching.; Teaching aids.; Evaluation Systems.; 
Research Aptitude Syllabus : Research : Meaning, Characteristics and Types; Steps of Research; Methods of Research.; Research Ethics.; Paper, Articles, Workshop, Seminar, Conference and Symposium.; Thesis Writing : Its characteristics and format.
There are 8 Set available for the Teaching aptitude MCQ and total 160 MCQ.

SET #1

1) A teacher is successful only if he 
 A) Knows His Subject Thoroughly Well
B) Produces Cent Per Cent Result
C) Is Approachable
D) Publishes Papers In Journals Of Repute

2) Which of the following statement is correct? 
 A) In research, objectives can be worded in question form.
B) In research, objectives can be worded in statement form.
C) Objectives are to be stated in Chapter I of the Thesis
D) All of the above

3) Which of the following is not a characteristic of research? 
 A) Systematic
B) Objective
C) Logical
D) Perspective
4) Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums (Formerly Indian Lac Research Institute) is at ——— 
 A) Lucknow
B) Kolkata
C) Ranchi
D) New Delhi

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5) In ancient education system, teachers applied some psychological principles in education especially to young child from pre-school age to adolescence. They recognize the role of 
 A) Gurukul Type Of Education
B) Convent System Of Schooling
C) Sense And Perception In Teaching And Learning
D)All Of These

6) Which one of the following is true about the communication? 
 A) It is dynamic in nature
B) It is constantly changing
C) It is shifting in response to the overall situation
D) All of the above

7) The best way by a teacher to introduce a new subject by 
 A) Giving A Broad Outline Of The Subject
B) Relating It To Daily Life Situation
C) Relating It To Previously Studied Subject Or Course Material.
D) Any Of These
8) Teachers should study the educational philosophy because 
 A) They Do Not Know It.
B) They Do Not Have Their Won Philosophy
C) Philosophy Is The Backbone Of All Disciplines
D) They May Improve Their Work By Clarifying Their Own Philosophy
9) Teachers use teaching aids for 
 A) Making Teaching Interesting.
B) Making Teaching With Understanding Level Of Students
C) Making Student Attentive.
D) The Sake Of Its Use.
10) Teachers who are enthusiastic in the classroom teaching 
 A) often lack proficiency in the subjects which stays hidden under their enthusiasm
B) simply dramatize to hold the student’s attention.
C) involve their students in the teaching learning process
D) All of these
11) Encoding is 
 A) the formulation of messages in the communicator’s mind
B) the formulation messages in the receiver’s mind
C) coding of whole communication process
D) None of these

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12) In the study of man environment interaction, the statement of Miss Semple that “the humans are solely the product of their environment “, is :
 A) An opinion
B) A prejudice
C) A fact
 D) A widely accepted phenomenon

13) an effective teaching means all of the following except 
 A) A teacher teaches with enthusiasm.
B) A teacher finds fault in his students.
C) A teacher puts emphasis more on teaching than on class control.
D) A teacher is interested in making the subject matter understood rather than on completing the course.
14) if you invite personal friends and colleagues in your son’s birthday party, the procedure of invitation will be 
 A) Only personal invitation will be extended to most dear ones.
B) Only a specific group of teachers will be invited.
C) Extend invitation to all the teachers without any distinction.
D) You would invite all the personnel of the school.

15) The aim of vocationalization of education is : 
 A) preparing students for a vocation along with knowledge
B) converting liberal education into vocational education
C) giving more importance to vocational than general education
D) making liberal education job-oriented
16) what is EDI? 
 A) Electronic Data Interface
B) Electronic Data Internet
C) Electronic Data Interchange
D) None of these
17) If A stands for 5, B for 6, C for 7, D for 8 and so on, then the following numbers stand for 17,19,20,9,and 8 : 
18) suppose you are asked by your friends to take the membership of the teachers association. How could you take decision in this situation? 
 A) You will give priority to social relations, therefore, you will accept the offer.
B) You will have, faith in unity so you will accept the membership.
C) You will de – affiliate yourself from the colleagues instead of enmity with the management.
D) You will try to avoid the issue.
. 19) The “Report on Currency and Finance ‘ for each of the financial year in India is published by : 
 A) Reserve Bank of India
B) Ministry of Finance
C) Planning Commission
D) Central Statistical Organisation
20) The members of a group act, feel and think together, in a way which is different from the normal acting, feeling and thinking of individual, who come together to form the group. It is known as 
A) memsis
B) Co-operation
C) Understanding
D) Group working

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I. Teaching Aptitude Syllabus:

  • Teaching : Nature, Objectives, Characteristics and Basic Requirements.
  • Learner’s Characteristics.
  • Factors affecting Teaching.
  • Methods of Teaching.
  • Teaching aids.
  • Evaluation Systems.

 II. Research Aptitude Syllabus

  • Research : Meaning, Characteristics and Types;
  • Steps of Research.
  • Methods of Research.
  • Research Ethics.
  • Paper, Articles, Workshop, Seminar, Conference and Symposium.
  • Thesis Writing : Its characteristics and format.

III. Reading Comprehension :

  • A passage to be set with questions to be answered.

IV Communication Syllabus

  • Communication : Nature, Characteristics, Types, Barriers and Effective Classroom Communication.

V Reasoning ( including Mathematical ) Syllabus

  • Number Series; Letter Series; Codes.
  • Relationships; Classification.
  • Logical Reasoning :
  • Understanding the Structure of Argument.
  • Evaluating and distinguishing Deductive and Inductive Reasoning.
  • Verbal Analogies; Word Analogy – Applied Analogy.
  • Verbal Classification.
  • Reasoning Logical Diagrams; Simple Diagrammatic Relationship, Muliti – Diagrammatic Relationship.
  • Venn Diagram; Analytical Reasoning.

VI Data Interpretation Syllabus :

  • Sources, Acquisition and Interpretation of Data.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Data.
  • Graphical Representation and Mapping of Data.

VII. Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) Syllabus :

  • ICT : Meaning, Advantages, Disadvantages and Uses.
  • General Abbreviation and Terminology.
  • Basics of Internet and E – mailing.
  • People and Environment :
  • People and Environment Interaction.
  • Sources of Pollution.
  • Pollutants and their impact on Human Life, Exploitation of Natural and Energy Resources.
  • Natural hazards and mitigation.

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